Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pin-up Photo Shoot - Part 2

This is Part 2 to the pin-up photo shoot series.
Here are the links to Part 1 (list of patterns used) and Part 3 (finished product.)

Before makeup or wardrobe I had to sit down with the photographer, the amazing Christine Moody at Trimood Photography. Here is just a taste of what she can do.

We had to go over all the lighting, background, and poses.  Really I just showed her pictures I liked and she figured all the rest out.  Here is all my compiled pictures on Pintrest.

Next was hair and make-up.  All I had to do was show Shiree Collier this photo and she made it happen.  See what else she can do here.
She brings an arsenal of make-up and hair supplies.

First she does the hair.  Here is a picture of both my mom and I getting our hair curled.

While my hair was still in pin curls, Shiree did my pin-up make-up.  This is pre lips.
This took about 45 minutes to turn me into a pin-up model.

Next was the photo shoot.  I don't have photos of this since my mom was getting her hair completed and make-up applied (and it would spoil Part 3 of the series).

What I can tell you is making your body look like the pin-up photos is not easy.  I feel like I did 3 hours of intense yoga.  There's a lot of sucking in your stomach while twisting every body part.

I have a new found respect for models.  I was sore for a good 2 days after the shoot.

My mom and I got bacon covered cheesy bread and wine at The Rock afterward to celebrate a fun afternoon.  I highly recommend walking around with full hair and make-up if you want some attention!

If you want to see all the patterns I used please read Pin-up Photo Shoot - Part 1.
If you want to see the final results click Pin-up Photo Shoot - Part 3.

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