Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally hung my artwork

We are doing MAJOR remodeling in our house the next couple of weeks.   thought I should finally hang all my artwork I've been working on to create a turquoise and yellow bedroom (final picture of the room will come soon).

 The tutorial for the bird painting is here.

 The tutorial for the glittery deer is here.
 The tutorial for the 3D felt flower is here.
The paper mache letter "H" (from any hobby store) was simply painted yellow on the sides and scrapbook paper was glued to the top and cut out with an x-acto knife. 
Another easy one was this necklace holder. Simple purchase from any hobby store, paint the frame, and push in thumb tacks.

This was made using my dear friend Ayelet's tutorial over at the Graceful Rose.  The frame is from Ikea and I used premier prints Barber in yellow.  Since the print was super large scale and I wanted 2 birds, I actually cut one out from another area and appliqued it onto the fabric.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happenings in the Shop - June 2013

Kids are finally out of school and the official first day of summer is just around the corner.  I thought it might be a good time to briefly show you a few of the things in my shop and what's to come during summer.

My favorite fabrics are bright and cheerful.  I love when you look down at your bag, key fob, or even coaster and you just feel a little happier.

Summertime is when most of us go on vacations with our family.  If you're anything like me you take hundreds of photos.  Why not add personality with a camera strap cover.  My straps are padded on both sides for your comfort and fully lined. I have also added 2 small pockets for your removable lens cap and camera memory cards. The back pocket has velcro to secure your memory card in the strap.
Here are the straps available in my shop.

I love ice tea, margaritas, or cold diet cokes in the summer.  What I don't love is a wet ring left on my furniture.  I make my coasters with semi-hard peltex interfacing sandwiched between 2 layers of absorbent fusible fleece.  That way it absorbs any moisture and keeps it's shape.
Here are the coasters still available in my shop.

Something new I want to add more of to my shop are foldover clutches.  They are perfect to hold in your hand when folded but can hold more than you think when unfolded.  There is a magnetic snap to help the clutch remain folded.
I only have one available in my shop, but there will be more to come very soon!

Check out everything for sale at Taylor & Landon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seamless in Seattle

Those of you that follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook have know that I've been working on a big project for Seattle Magazine's Seamless in Seattle.  It's a contest for clothing/accessory designers in the state of Washington. 

Well today I submitted photos of 5 handbags/totes and 3 clutches in the hopes of winning some wonderful prizes and be included in a fashion show (although I'm not really sure how that works with bags.)  I had 2 of my wonderful friends help model the bags at the beach over this past weekend.  We had so much fun.

I've been keeping my designs secret until now.  I would like to share with you a few of the photos that I submitted as well as brief descriptions.

A yellow and white striped tote with smocking and pleating detail.

 Yellow/white striped and turquoise cotton voile foldover clutch and turquoise sash tied onto a wide brimmed hat.

Smocked European linen and coral paisley/turquoise foldover clutch

Tote with a wavy tuck detail

Coral chevron and faux leather with chevron embroidery detail foldover clutch

Coral chevron pleated bag with turquoise sash

Turquoise dandelion and faux leather cross over bag with vertical wavy tuck detail

 European linen and faux leather pleated bag with coral/lilac paisley sash

The coral/lilac sash tied in a turban style head wrap

What's your favorite? 
I LOVE the smocked tote and the chevron foldover clutch.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Guest Post at The Graceful Rose - King Ranch Chicken

Hello everyone!  Ayelet over at The Graceful Rose has asked me to guest post on her blog (how could I say no to such a sweet, creative woman?)

Here's a little about me:  
My name is Emily Hopkins and I grew up in the south (North Carolina to be exact).  I moved to Texas in 8th grade.  There I stayed for the next 18 years.  I met my husband and started my family.  A couple years ago we made the move to Seattle.  It's been a huge adjustment, but we're making it work.

I was a full time working mom in Texas.  When I moved to Seattle I was able to stay home with my kidlets (one major reason we made the move.)  But I felt I still needed a separate identity from "mom."  So I started my company Taylor & Landon.  I love to sew and have been doing it since I can remember.  I sell accessories, handbags, and custom window treatments.  But I also make all my own costumes and vintage style clothing.

My blog pretty much consists of fashion, food, and sewing.

For you today I'm going to share my recipe for King Ranch Chicken.  I miss Tex-Mex and am always trying to recreate foods I loved to eat.  Here is another tex-mex favorite: creamy jalapeno ranch dressing.

1-10.5oz Can of cream of chicken soup
1-10.5oz Can of cream of mushroom soup
1-10oz can diced tomatoes with chilis (Rotel)
12 corn tortillas
3 cups cooked/shredded chicken (about 3 breasts)
1 chopped onion
3 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese
1 Tbs butter
To get your shredded chicken, use a crockpot and cook your chicken completely covered with water on high for about 6-8 hours.  Use 2 forks to separate the chicken (it should just fall apart).
Preheat you over to 350F.
Now saute the onion in the butter in a very large pan on medium until it sweats (looks glossy)
Add the shredded chicken and can of tomatoes/chilis to the onions and cook about 3 minutes on medium.
Combine the soups to the chicken mixture.
Tear 4 of the tortillas into bit-sized pieces and layer into a 9"x13" casserole dish.
Now layer 1/3 of the soup mixture on top.
Last portion of the layer is 1 cup of cheese.
Continue with the tortillas, soup, and cheese 2 more times.

Bake the casserole at 350F for 30-40 min. And enjoy!