Monday, April 15, 2013

3D Felt Flower Art - Tutorial

I was inspired by artwork I found on Pintrest.

So I created a similar style artwork tutorial for you to make one yourself.

12x12 art canvas
About 1/2 yard fabric
About 1/2 - 1 yard felt
Hot glue and gun

First pick your background fabric and and canvas.  I used a 12x12 canvas and a gray and white chevron by Premier Prints.
Then cover the canvas using hot glue gun, I just wrapped the canvas front like a present.  Try to get all the wrinkles out of the fabric on the front.  But if you don't, no worries because it will mostly be covered with felt flower.
Now for the flower.
 I cut very simple petals out of cheap felt.  You can use wool if you like (it will look nicer). You can see from the photos what sizes the petals for the base were (appx. 4" x 5.75"). Cut 8 of this larger size.
Now simple squirt a line of glue at the bottom of the petal and pinch uniform pleats and hold until the glue has set (be careful not to burn yourself).
 Then find your center and place 2 petals like the photo above (leave about 1/2' in the center) and hot glue down.
 Next add 2 petals perpendicular to the horizontal petals, glue down.
Then add the 4 remaining petals like so, still leaving about 1/2" diameter circle in the center.
Now cut 8 medium petals at about 4.25" x 4.5". And do the pinch pleat.
Glue these directly on top of the larger petals in a circle leaving the center circle open.  It will look best if you make the medium petal points centered between the larger petals (see above.)
Now cut 4 small petals at about 3.25" x 4.5".  Pinch pleat and glue. Sorry no picture how to place, but just once again put on top of the previous petals, leaving a small open circle.
Now to make the tiny petals, make 3 at 3.25" x 3.25".  Pinch, pleat, and glue. Once again, no picture.  But with this one you want to kinda hide the edge of the center circle.  So as you glue, tuck the ends of the petals into the circle you left will be really tight.  Just work it until it looks nice.
Now make one more petal but don't pleat.  Roll the petal and glue, like above.  I actually cut it down after this picture, so cut this petal at about 3.25" x 2".
Now with a dab of hot glue really shove that center petal into any space left in the center of the circle.  If really difficult, use the end of a pen to push it into the hole.
Fluff the petals until they look like you want.  Hang on the wall and enjoy your new 3D artwork!

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