Thursday, March 28, 2013

The 80's are BACK!

Thanks to my good friend Stacey, my husband and I were invited to The Best 80's Party Ever, so far.

I did a more modern 80's outfit with radical 80's hair and make-up. I used a mixture of citrus colors which are more modern than the 80's neons.

I found this great high/low coral wrap dress at Forever21.  It's the Love 21 brand which runs a little bigger.  The deep V was a little too deep for me.  I wore a lacey camisole from Target in a similar shade of coral.

This sweet Member's Only style crop jacket was a find I literally took off the mannequin at Goodwill.  The brand is Vanity and I could't find online anywhere.  But here is a cheap alternative from Forever21.

As for the accessories I wore my new Stella and Dot crescent gold necklace.  As well as my lime green beaded bracelets and Carlos Santana sandals I bought 7 years ago.

Here's a close up of my make-up and hair.

Sweet 80's Glamor Shots pose for ya!

All I did was crimp my hair by braiding into about 10 strands and then flat ironing them.  I then back combed the crown of my head and right at the sides.  I accomplished the bangs by back combing the back of my bangs then letting them fall to the side.  I used heavy duty pump action hair spray (the cheaper the better).  Then spray everything.  Fluff and spray again and again.  Doesn't hurt that I have an ombre hair color treatment.

My make-up was actually simple.  I used my favorite red lipstick on my lips, checks, and outside portion of my brows.  The inner and lid part of my eyes are a cover girl silver shadow.  I wore black liquid liner and fake eyelashes.

If you have an 80's party to attend just remember to scan the local thrift store and work with what you have.  Accessories and hair can make your costume stand out.

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