Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

Almost 2 years ago I made a tutorial, took pictures on my phone, and posted on my personal Facebook page.  Now I'm bringing the tutorial to all of you.

2 yards of cozy material depending if there's a print 7in or 14in wide
Coordinating thread
Medium sized cover your own button kit

If you have a print:
Cut a 2yd by 14in strip (scarf)
Cut 7in off the edge (bow)
Sew both pieces right sides together with a 0.5" seam leaving a small hole to flip
Flip right sides out and sew up the hole (making a 6" wide scarf and a 3"x6" rectangle)

If fabric print is same on both sides:
Cut a 2 yd by 7in strip
Cut 3.5in off the edge
If not using fleece and not doubling up fabric, make sure to hem all sides of fabric to get rid of all raw edges.

From here out directions will be same for both types of fabrics:
1. Lay out scarf on floor or table

2. Make a 2in fold so it lands 2.5in from the edge of scarf and pin (fold over so that the fold is towards the edge of the scarf)

side view of the 2in fold

3. Make a 1.5in fold so it lands right at the top of the previous fold and pin

 4. Gather fabric as flat as possible 3.5in from the tip of the 1.5in fold and pin
5. Do this again 5in from the first gather

6. Now make a 2in fold on the opposite edge of the scarf 2.5in from the edge and pin
7. Make a second 2in fold 2.5in from the first fold and then a third 2in fold 2.5in from the second fold and a forth 2in fold 2.5 in from the third and pin
Side view of the multiple folds.

8. Sew all folds down from the center
9. Sew gathers down across the scarf

10. Make the fabric button using a small scrap of fabric

11. Pin the small rectangle onto the first gather (one closest to the 2 fold side of scarf)

12. Make a button hole in the center of the small rectangle all the way through the scarf.

13. Gather the small rectangle to create the look of a bow and sew down to scarf (I'm lazy and used the machine you can hand stitch) - make sure not to sew the button hole closed

Zoomed out view of the bow.

14.Sew the fabric button onto the scarf 1.25in from the second fold on the opposite side of the scarf.

Then again, to save time and stress, you don't have to make a button hole. You could just add a bow with a button already added.  Then your scarf will be open and you can wrap as you please.
Have fun making your scarf! 


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  2. Thank you for this. My daughter was wanting this scarf.