Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally hung my artwork

We are doing MAJOR remodeling in our house the next couple of weeks.   thought I should finally hang all my artwork I've been working on to create a turquoise and yellow bedroom (final picture of the room will come soon).

 The tutorial for the bird painting is here.

 The tutorial for the glittery deer is here.
 The tutorial for the 3D felt flower is here.
The paper mache letter "H" (from any hobby store) was simply painted yellow on the sides and scrapbook paper was glued to the top and cut out with an x-acto knife. 
Another easy one was this necklace holder. Simple purchase from any hobby store, paint the frame, and push in thumb tacks.

This was made using my dear friend Ayelet's tutorial over at the Graceful Rose.  The frame is from Ikea and I used premier prints Barber in yellow.  Since the print was super large scale and I wanted 2 birds, I actually cut one out from another area and appliqued it onto the fabric.

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