Friday, May 3, 2013

Downstairs Window Treatments

Sorry y'all...been a few weeks since my last post.  Lots and lots going on here.  Today I wanted to show you my kitchenette, living and dining room window treatments and briefly discuss how I made them.


Bay windows.  They look nice, but are so very difficult to dress.  My little windows are tiny, like 8".  I extended the rod about 2" past the window opening (so 12" total length).  Since the smallest you can find goes to 14-18" depending on brand, I had to have my husband hack saw the rod to length.  He said it was pretty easy to do, just mark the rod and cut.

The only difficult thing about making valances is you have to be extra careful all the lengths are hemmed exactly the same.  If you are off by 1/4" it will be visible.


Bad picture, but shows my other problem area...a sliding glass door.  I decided to make simple drapes using the full width of home decor fabrics (approx. 54").  Then hem the side, top, and bottom.  I like to put at least a 4" hem at top and a 3" hem at bottom to give a professional look.  I personally like to have the bottom of the drapes just brush the floor. Since the drapes need to be moved back and forth a lot, I used metal curtain ring. 

 Now for the easy windows.


The huge length across the entire living room.  I made them exactly like the sliding glass door drapes.  I placed one on each side and 2 in the center.  That way we could completely close the drapes if wanted.  All are unlined since I have blinds and the fabric is plenty heavy enough to hang nicely.


Lastly are the formal dining room drapes.  Once again I made these exactly like the living room and sliding glass door drapes, except for the following: I added a stitch 1" down from the top to give the drape a 3" pocket and fully lined with white cotton fabric.  Since I added tiebacks I didn't need metal rings.

Fabrics used:

                  Premier Prints Henna in River Rock                 Premier Prints Madison in River Rock

I hope this has inspired you to create beautiful window treatments in your home.


  1. Apparently this blogsite really good for me but I'm interested in the blog of diy window treatments. Any way this is a great sample page of amazing blog.

  2. I absolutely love the henna pattern! These all look great, and all work together very cohesively. I recently got wood blinds installed in several of the large windows we have in the living room. A pattern and color scheme like the one you used would look great with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I like the Premier Prints Madison in River Rock fabric. You're amazing for creating your own window treatments; you're saving a lot from doing so. I think that sliding glass door could use some fabric pelmets if you want to give it a professional look.

  4. Wow. This is wonderful. Thanks for providing us a DIY window shades. I plan to improvise my own too and use cloth that will match my pillows and cushions at home.